Upcoming events:

We are currently developing our Autumn 2018 programme. Watch this space or contact us for more information!

Past events:

17 August 2018: Yellow Beltane Day (and other quarter days)


Learn about the significance of the quarter days in the old Celtic calendar: Beltane, Lùnasa, Samhain and Imbolc. We’ll be looking at traditions, beliefs and celebrations surrounding these in Gaelic culture.



3 August 2018: Gaelic Magic & Loresecret-3120483_1280

Find out about charms and prayers in Gaelic – where do we find ‘magic’ in Gaelic tradition? What were traditional methods of healing and plant use in Gaelic culture? As always, you’ll come away with a song or two.


13 July 2018: Celtic Tales & Spiritualitysword-2993521_640

Gaelic tradition contains a rich store of tales in song and prose form. Join us to learn about some of the main heroes of Gaelic legend and how we can enjoy their stories today. We’ll also take a look at Celtic spirituality: is there such a thing? What do we know about it, and how?

29 June 2018: Gaelic: An Interactive History34133594_10102594015514521_2595173309310042112_n

In the second workshop in the series, we’ll be taking a look at how Gaelic has developed, from Common Celtic the present day. Learn about ogham inscriptions and hear poems and songs in older versions of Gaelic as part of this interactive workshop. You’ll come away with an understanding of who has spoken Gaelic over the centuries and how it has been written. You’ll also get to learn a few phrases in Gaelic!

22 June 2018: What is a Celt?lost-places-2319486_1280

What is a Celt, indeed? We’ll take a look at the historical basis of this term and how it has been used and perceived over time. Be prepared for an intriguing journey through what it means to be Celtic, with humour and a song or two on the way.